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A little bit about me, Violet & Rose and our creative process

Hi, Let me introduce myself and Violet and Rose Florals. My name is Yehudit, and I'm the owner and lead designer here. We're so happy for you to be a part of the Violet and Rose experience! We are a family based business with all hands on deck. Literally. 

Like many businesses, I started Violet and Rose with pure curiosity about floral design and a desire to explore creatively. From there, I studied, I created, I studied some more and continued to create floral arrangements and designs. The learning never ends and my thirst to create new designs will never cease. Which is exactly what I enjoy most!   

For most arrangements, my creative process usually begins with a trip to the market. From there I look through all the flowers and choose the one that speaks to me the most. Based off of this one flower, I will create a palette to complement it and choose the remaining flowers which will finish off the arrangement. 

The creative process for events is different, but with similar principles. But, this time we will start with a mood, a setting and of course, draw some inspiration from what the client is looking for. From there we work hard to choose flowers that are mostly in season to create something beyond our clients imaginations. 

I hope you enjoy what we're doing here and continue to stick around. 

To continue to see what we're up to, follow us on Instagram. 

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